NEW 2020 Lumistar High-Resolution Thermal Infrared Imaging Auto Shredder Camera Vision System:

Clearest Shredder Camera Available

See through steam, smoke, darkness. Shredders used in the metals recycling industry produce a great deal of debris, smoke, and steam during the shredding process. This can severely compromise the view of an operator, often causing shredder downtime while repairs are conducted from damage caused by unshreddables. Our high-resolution military spec thermal imaging system is so clear the operator is able to control the flow of material, reduce the negative impact of unshreddables, and ensure the highest level efficiency. Our goal at Lumistar is to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

  • Avoid Jams & Heavies
  • See Past Steam, Darkness, & Obstacles
  • Increase Shredder and Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Maintenance Time
  • Reduce Pollution
  • Increase Safety of Workers
  • Increase Confidence and Productivity
  • Regain Investment Multiple Times Every Year

Shred With Confidence. SMARTER. FASTER.


#1 Best Selling Shredder Camera


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Our fully customized system options include:

  • Lumistar Custom Manufactured Shredder Camera
  • Steamvision Technology™
  • ThermalShield™ Military-Grade Enclosure
  • Multiple Video Color Pallet Options Available
  • Gateway™ Lenses, Highest Clarity Available Worldwide
  • Calibrated with Custom Heat Signatures
  • High-Tech Proprietary Front-End Protection
  • Network Connection Available
  • Turn-Key Ready, Power Supplies, and Monitor
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  See Through Over 60 Feet of Steam in Total Darkness!

Filmed real-time through high level of steam, dust, smoke, & darkness. 

Side-by-side ambient light & Lumistar cameras, both synced in real-time, showing Lumistar's one-of-a-kind camera as it sees through steam.


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