The Lumistar C3x™ features an ultra-compact, rugged high-resolution thermal imaging camera that is compatible with a ThermalShield™ enclosure with computer controlled electo-static heater and optional mesh guard. With a compact and lightweight design it can be mounted in hard-to-reach locations. Images can be viewed on a stand alone video monitor or connected to an existing CCTV video recording network. DVR options also available.

  • 2-second power on time, plug and play.

  • Sharpening filter, on board digital software enhancement.

  • Has an extensive and advanced set of built-in measurement functions allowing the camera to be used "stand-alone" without a PC.

  • Use to improve your industrial operational efficiency.

  • Enables you to monitor the areas most vital to your business.

  • See the same day or night.

  • Multiple color pallets to choose from: red hot, black and white, or spectrum.

  • 'Always in focus' technology.

  • Ideal for individual or networked (multiple camera) installations.

  • Small and sleek able to put in small areas.

  • Operate under hostile shock, vibration, and temperature conditions.

  • Lumistar cameras are precision engineered so you can increase confidence, productivity, and operational efficiency.

 ThermalShield™ enclosure compatible.


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